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Taking Your Life Back After Cancer!

Online Coaching with Travis

The Cancer Life Coach

Meet Travis Thomas

         The Cancer/Life Coach

     Are you tired of giving up the things you enjoy because of Cancer? Are you tired of being tired? How many times have you put your goals to the side to focus on something or someone else? Take one step at a time. Enjoy one minute at a time. Let me help you Take Your Life Back After Cancer! As a Cancer Patient Navigator I can help you break down the barriers to timely Cancer care so you can concentrate on your health and wellness.  As your Cancer Life Coach I help you focus on your holistic care,  your goals and your quality of life. No personal goal is too small. From newly diagnose to hospice care you deserve respect, the best medical care, freedom of choice, happiness and an opportunity to achieve your goals. 

We are one of a kind, standing out from the rest! We offer a 3 in 1 specialty service unlike any other coaching service specifically for Cancer patients and survivors. From Holistic Cancer Coaching to Life Coaching to Cancer patient Navigation (as needed per client). Plus access to our free online healthy living / Cancer care live workshops. An opportunity to learn to provide Cancer Patient Resource Navigation for your community to help Cancer patients and their families. This Offer is for leaders or members of a faith based organizations only!

        I was first diagnosed in 1996 while in my twenties. Cancer crippled my Nursing career after 20 years in the medical field. God had a bigger plan for me! He gave me new skills, used my medical experience and my Cancer survivorship to start a Non-Profit Cancer organization that help navigate the care of other Cancer patients and survivors and help SAVE LIVES one community at a time.

GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU TOO! (Jeremiah 29:11)

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is available for those who are not Cancer survivors as well. For more information please contact me at

What I Specialize In

Break down barriers by navigating Patients to timely Cancer care

 Find free Cancer Resources & Services for Cancer patients & survivorship

Life Coaching to assist with setting and achieving your personal goals

Cancer Coaching to achieve Healthier Lifestyle

Join healthy living workshops & free online trainings

The Journey Towards Your Personal Goals & Healthier Living Begins Today! Cancer has already taken too much of your time. Take Control Of The Rest!

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“Travis has been supportive and helpful providing Cancer Life Coaching and Cancer Patient Navigation that helped us find free services and treatments near us. She trained me to become a Faith Based Cancer Patient Navigator for free! Now I can help families going through Cancer in my community.”

- Charmaine Falcone

“I think Travis's Cancer Life Coaching & Cancer Patient Navigation is a Great! A reliable source for information and services as well.  I was able to expand my new business (Mrs. Allen's Patty Cake) and provide jobs for youth. She helped me find grants and resources for my business"

- Karen Allen

“Travis helped me Breast Cancer stage 4 and my mother who was a Breast Cancer survivor. She helped me get a 2nd & 3rd opinion. She navigated me to Cancer care in my community. She also helped me get trained so I can help other Cancer patients.”

- Colette Baird

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CANCER LIFE COACHING For Cancer Patients and Survivors

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CANCER Life Coaching

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For Cancer Patients & Survivors

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