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My Cancer Life Coach



     We are one of a kind! We offer a 3 in 1 (Holistic Cancer Coaching, Life Coaching and Cancer patient Navigation) specialty services specifically for Cancer patients and Cancer survivors that are unlike any other coaching service. Plus access to our free online healthy living / Cancer care live workshops.



Travis received her Certification from The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education (

WHY: We believe that 90% of all cancers can be eliminated through environmental & lifestyle choices alone, and science agrees.


WHAT: Therefore, our mission is to help people by providing research-based education on how to prevent, cope with, and beat cancer through diet, lifestyle, immune-boosting approaches while pursuing your personal goals and improving quality of life.


Cancer coaching is a Innovative Health Service that helps people with the challenges of living with cancer. Coaching is a one-on-one or group service where someone can meet with a healthcare professional and really focus on those things that are important to them such as education support and practical tools to help them during and after their cancel Journey. We help them prepare questions to ask they're oncologist, help with improving their diet, learn about cancer-fighting Foods while assisting them with setting and achieving their personal goals. Our Cancer Life coaching services is for newly diagnosed patients, survivors and those going through end of life care. From stage 0 to stage 4 cancer coaching can help all those who are interested in TAKING BACK THEIR LIFE AFTER CANCER! Find the inner happiness they seek. No goal is too small. 

Cancer has stolen so much it does not deserve to steal our happiness as well as our dreams any longer! It is important to be there for Cancer patients and their families. Help reduce the stress, improve the quality of life, focus on issues that are most important to them through Cancer education,  a supportive space and providing them with practical tools and strategies to help them get the support that they need as well as information and resources make informative decisions. 








      My Cancer Coaching program is for newly diagnosed Cancer patients and survivors. My mission is to help people by providing research-based education on how to prevent, cope with, and beat Cancer through diet, lifestyle while improving quality of life and learning how to accomplish their personal goals. I combine my skills, experience and training in Holistic Cancer Coaching, Life Coaching and Cancer Patient Navigation for health, body, mind, emotional support and spirit. I am here to help you set your goals. Helping you work your way from the inside out to get you were you want to be. 



      My professional work experience includes promoting Cancer awareness, prevention, education, information and early detection for the past 23 years. Providing Cancer Navigation, workshops and services for multiple homeless shelters for young mothers and family shelters, ministries, schools, Cancer patients, caregivers, and the their families. While partnering with community based organizations, hospitals, clinics, Cancer/Faith Advisory Boards and ministries I have been able to accomplish my goals to help save lives. I must admit that having many nurses in my family and over twenty years experience in the medical field helped me to understand the true needs of those who are sick and ill. Since 2003 my family owned and operated organization have been promoting Cancer and HIV/AIDS awareness, education, prevention, early directions and screening through Marketing and advertising, Media (television and radio), community outreach, advocacy, and patient navigation. I believe when we unite we can save communities and provide more services for a better quality of life for cancer patients, survivors and their families. To accomplish this goal I serve on multiple Cancer committees, Community boards, Hospital Cancer Advisory Boards, Faith Advisory Boards, State Cancer Coalition, National Cervical Cancer Coalition and The White House Advisory Committee. I also lead a Women's Physically Challenged & Cancer support Prayer Group and host "CANCER during COVID Community Discussions". 



As your Cancer Life Coach I can support you: 

1) Cancer Patient Navigation - help break down barriers to timely Cancer care so you can focus on your health & wellness. What are barriers? Lack of Cancer resources, Financial assistance, Uninsured or under insured, Communication, lack of information, Community Support, Spiritual Support, Knowledge of medical system, medical terms, Health literacy Fear, distrust, emotional barriers and COVID 19 resources).


My Services:

  • Assistance with finding free Cancer resources

  • Learn to advocate for yourself

  • Transportation (airplane, train, bus, cabs)

  • COVID 19 resources in your community (vaccination or testing sites)

  • Second Opinion and/or navigation to Cancer Center / hospital

  • Cancer screenings (free or low cost), food service

  • Cancer support groups or Spiritual support (via Zoom, email, text or hotlines)

  • Financial support/your children (grants, scholarships etc.) and more...

2) Holistic Cancer Coachinghelp people by providing research-based education on how to prevent, cope with, and beat cancer through diet, lifestyle and other immune-boosting approaches. Client driven program for diagnosed patients and survivors to focus on the patient prevention and early detections.


My Services:

  • ​​Empower patients to make informed decisions 

  • How to help prevent a recurrence

  • Healthy eating and foods to avoid

  • Resources for minimizing treatment side effects

  • Prepare for your next appointment 

  • Connection between stress and cancer

  • Develop a basic regiment for 

3) Life Coaching - Client centered to help you discover, uncover, clarify, refine or define their goals.


My Services:

  • Assistance in setting & Achieving Your Personal Goals

  • Support and help you to regain focus 

  • Support you in identifying the biggest threats or challenges in advance of your occurrence

  • Work with you to develop a strategy for addressing the barriers to your commitment.

  • Support you while you set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound

  • Support you in defining the actions you need to take to achieve your goals

  • Encourage you along your journey

  • Assist with finding, free trainings or certifications courses you may need to meet your goals

4) Access to Free online healthy living and Cancer care  live workshops and trainings.



Coaching Services

Working at Home

For Clients Only!

        Are you Interested in helping Cancer patients and their families in your area? We offer a Free Community Cancer Patient Resource Navigation Workshop series/training for our clients (Cancer survivors), leaders and members of Faith based Organizations. You can make a difference right from where you are!







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