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InSpire Me

Cancer survivors reaching their personal goals through their Cancer Journey. No Goal Is Too Small!

"My life is based on pain, passion, and purpose."

U.S Representative of Maryland

Virtual Certified Parenting Classes
         with Erica Thomas, Parenting Instructor
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      Erica Thomas, Certified Parenting Instructor and Cancer Survivor and mother provides parenting classes for individuals or couples that are mandated by the courts to take complete parenting classes. Receive certificate of completion. Classes are given via one to one, in a small group, virtually and possibly in person in the future. At the end of the program or after each completed class each you will receive a certificate of completion. For more information please contact Ms. Thomas by email at  Details about the parenting classes that are offered are listed below:


Certified Parenting Classes with Certificate of Completion:                                Tools for Better Parenting


1. Parenting Styles and Related Child Characteristics

  • Parenting Styles 

  • Top Four Parenting Styles

  • The Consequences of Parenting Styles

  • The Influence of Sex, Ethnicity or Family Type


2. Understanding Who Our Children Are 

  • Your Child's Developmental Stage 

  • Your Child's Temperament/Your Temperament 

  • Your Child in Your Family

  • Your Child as a Sibling: Dealing with Rivalry

  • Your Child Outside of your Family

  • Your Child and Stress


3. Being Present- The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child is You!

  • Demonstrating Love

  • Staying Attentive


4. Role Modeling for our Children

  • Your Past

  • What are you modeling today? 


5. EmpathyEmotions and Our Life

  • Why Emotions are Important

  • Lack of Empathy

  • Why Social Awareness is Important

  • How can you learn to Be More Empathic? 

  • Promoting Empathy in Your Children

  • Empathic Listening

  • Empathic Communication

  • Acceptance


6. CommunicationCommunicating our Real Emotions

  • Harmful Communication Patterns

  • The Assertive Communication

  • Send Clear Messages

  • Learn How to Listen

  • Express Complaints Respectfully

  • The Younger Child The Older Child- Using the Magical Formula 

  • Acknowledge Your Part in Conflicts

  • Learning How to Communicate with Children

  • Tips For Communicating with Children


7. Discipline

  • Purpose of Discipline 

  • Your Discipline Approach and Philosophy

  • General Principles of Discipline

  • Boundaries and Good Parenting

  • Tips for Setting Boundaries

  • Rewards and Consequences for Children


8. Stress Management

  • Stress and Your Physical Health

  • Stress and Your Mental Health

  • Stress and the Workplace

  • Parenting Stress 

  • Caring for Ourselves as Parents

  • Dealing with the Everyday Pressures of Parenting 

  • What is Stress?

  • 4 Steps to Stress Management 

  • Social Support

  • Ten Tips to Reducing Stress


9. Children and Divorce 

  • Guidelines for Divorced Parents to Live By 

  • Rules for Divorcing Parents


10. Co-Parenting, Step parenting and Single Parenting

  • Co-parenting 

  • General guidelines for co-parenting

  • Tips for Co-parenting

  • Step parenting

  • Types of blended/step families 

  • Becoming a Step Family

  • Stepfamily Problems and Concerns 

  • Single Parenting 

Meeting life’s challenges head-on, Karen is a Breast Cancer Survivor, divorcee, and lost a child to pediatric cancer; through it all, she found the strength to carry on and is the proud mother of two of her own children , 2 foster children and grandmother. Karen’s dream of moving to New York City to become a fashion designer came true when she attended F.I.T., The Fashion Institute of Technology. 

After graduating from F.I.T. Karen worked for several design houses on Seventh Avenue. The design house of Giorgio Armani hired Karen for quality control and alterations. This position would prove to have a profound effect on Karen’s life as a designer. She would eventually become a freelance designer and a specialist in alterations. Services only by Referral.

Seeking more  knowledge Karen continue to educate herself  after learning that her  daughter learned differently.   Returning  back to college to become a educator. The idea was to help her daughter who learn differently never forgetting  to give back and teach the younger generation to dream. 


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Designs by Karen

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Karen Allen, CEO/Fashion Designer
Military Veteran & Teacher/Educator
Dual Major in Education/Special Ed

2x Breast Cancer Survivor
Erica Thomas , Parenting Instructor
and Avon Representative
Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor

Mrs. Allen’s Patty Cake

Mrs. Mac Skin care


Welcome to Mrs Mac Skincare

Since my early 20’s I’ve had to deal with scars from surgery. I know the physical pain and of post-op healing & the emotional pain of long lingering scars in addition to the recovery from your illness. My goal in life is to help women like you and me heal quicker and better than ever before. Your scars don’t have to define you.


I offer no down time facials and scar revision services for the face and body. As well as Acne and Anti-Aging Treatments, Full Body Waxing and other skincare services. Training & Coaching available for License Professionals & Business Owners. To schedule an appointment go to MrsMacSkinCare . For more information contact Mrs. Mac at


Erase your scars

Jan 28, 2020 – Feb 1, 2020


Let me ERASE your scars. Microneedling medium scar (3-6 inches) Micro-needling will rejuvenate your skin, reduce fine-lines and wrinkles as well as resurface and minimize the appearance of surgical and traumatic scars. 
Book your appointment now!

Microneedling Treatment


Monique McCullough LE

Owner, NYS Licensed Esthetician

Breast Cancer Survivor


FLUTTER LASHES  from $10.97


The Enemy In The Inner Me

Elder Theresa Hart, The Author, Minister


Elder Theresa Hart, Author & Minister

B.A. in Social Services

Breast Cancer Survivor

The Enemy In The Inner Me is a personal in depth narrative of one woman's courageous experience with Cancer- the shock of the diagnosis, enduring multiple surgeries, chemotherapy treatment and the recovery process. 

Theresa hart is a transparent and genuine as she shares with women and men the real story about: 

1. Her struggle with fear, insecurity and loneliness. 

2. The affects of Cancer on her marriage and children.

3. Her place in the church and ministry.

4. How to defeat Cancer with faith


You will be inspired, motivated and encouragedbey this woman's journey and her willingness to unveil the mask of Cancer- the enemy in the inner me.

Now available at or

Purchase Gift Baskets by Elder Theresa Hart for that special
someone you want to encourage & show you care.
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