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Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

 Hope, Health & Inner Happiness

Where do I begin to take steps towards my own happiness through my Cancer journey? How can I take back my life after Cancer? Where do I begin to regain my hope, improve my health and find the happiness I seek in achieving my own personal goal? 

Physical Therapy

Taking Your Life Back After Cancer!

       Don't let Cancer continue to steal your dreams! It has already taken up too much of our time. Cancer can steal your dreams financially, emotionally, physically, socially, mentally and spiritually. Taking away or limiting the career you've always dreamed of. Cancer can bring on added stress into your home, at work, a relationship or marriage. Feeling the financial heart ships due to a lost of a salary or independence. I also know the fear of a possible reassurance.



Enjoying Sunset

What would you like to accomplish in your life? What personal goal have you put to the side because of Cancer? It's Time To Take It Back!

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Hope, Healthy Living & Next Step To Inner Happiness

Cancer has taken away so much from so many. After being diagnosed with Cancer life has a new meaning and the future seems uncertain. Hope can tend to fade away in seconds. Learn how to improve nutritional, immunological and psychological status, manage cancer treatment side effects, enhance quality of life, prevent recurrence, and extend survival. 

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Going Back To School or learn a trade

You may have put off your future plans due to your Cancer diagnosis and/or treatments. Thinking about going back to school? Let's talk about it. Are you ready to move on? Are you ready to take your life back after Cancer? Think about the possibilities and preparing for next steps. 

Getting back to me

If you are stage one or in stage four of your Cancer journey I am here to assist you in achieving a better quality of life for yourself. Live your days as you choose to live. Accomplish the goals that are reachable for you where you are in your walk and together we can reach for where you may want to be. God is bigger than that! God has a bigger dream for you than you have for yourself. Let's talk about what you want to accomplish. No personal goal is too small!



Healthy Lunch

Steps to Reaching My Personal Goals

Is there something you wanted to achieve before you were diagnosed with Cancer? Is there something in your life you put on hold to heal? Are you thinking about going back to work? If you feel this is the time then let's talk about it. If you have a new goal in life or purpose and are not quit sure what steps to take to begin your new journey after your diagnosis let's talk. No dream is too small!  What are your personal goals for the week/ month /year?


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